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You have heard the buzzword Enterprise Level Control being thrown out a lot in our industry. So, what’s GreenPoint TDI’s vision of enterprise control?

Our Definition: Being able to take the buildings, spaces, venues and/or rooms for a whole entity and give them individual control, for efficient space operation, as well as giving them the means to globally control and manage all their systems assets and spaces.


We believe the industry needs to start thinking more globally rather than with a project-by-project mindset. If you sell yourself as a technology provider for the client as a WHOLE with a tangible vision, a road map for technology, and a 1/3/5/10 year strategy, we believe, and have proven, that everybody ultimately gets what they want. The client gets a sustainable, real business model for success that they can build upon, while the software provider gets a long term, dedicated client.

Another buzzword we hear all the time is to “Get the building”, which is a term that we feel to be shortsighted. “Get the building” means looking at the building as the end goal. It means doing the project or part of a project and then leaving to complete the next building or space. Yet, the building itself is only project based, and therefore is only one piece of the puzzle. We should be setting our sights on the CUSTOMER, not the building. We need to ask ourselves, what’s going to make the customer profits. What’s going to allow the customer to save on expenses? What’s the purpose and job description of the decision makers for a corporation or entity? How can we help that crew of individuals help their organization succeed? We have spent too much effort over the last 10 years trying to sell control itself. The industry is trying to make it easier on itself by concentrating on repeatable project level code in order to sell more products or make higher margins on a projects themselves .

An example of this is the conference room. Let’s be honest — the conference room is the lowest hanging fruit. You are dealing with a single space that every organization needs, at least, an appearance of. This is the space that everybody goes after and that every industry player is trying to re-invent. We are beginning to see repeatable code in this space, which makes sense, but it’s only repeatable for conference rooms. The industry’s definition of “Enterprise” code is to have the same code set be repeatable for all of an organization’s conference rooms.  There is also managed software to view your assets at a glance. However, as is evident from this example, things are limited to certain spaces and certain systems only. This shows a pretty narrow view of the overall systems in an organization. I believe that’s why we see this prevalent in easily repeatable buildings, such as office buildings or schools. In these buildings we can see repeatable trend. This trend makes sense, yet it is also the lowest hanging fruit. How many equipment manufacturers, integrators, software designers, and electricians are going after these spaces? So what do we do?

We begin to take a more global look at things. We have all the tools at our disposal to develop code that works with the whole building in mind and we are in the right position to sell this approach.
A couple of key areas to focus on for this approach are: 1.) Understanding and becoming an influence in the network infrastructure for the organization. 2.) Begin to incorporate the mindset of a software developer. Start thinking about building not only code, but systems that can match a more global approach for management in the base layer of all electronics systems. 3.) Take control over outside the norm systems for software and design. This includes lighting, environmental, digital signage ( this is a huge on — setting up an enterprise content management is the future for our overall success), IPTV, audio programming, security features/access, and annunciation/intercom.


With all that’s being said, it’s GreenPoint TDI’s stance as a business that giving an enterprise the necessary tools and support to manage their properties, from AV staff to the management of customers, is a win. If we can make the staff look good then everybody makes money! Let’s take a stand and bring the customer back into the picture. In this day and age of technology, what is the approach that will make an organization successful in managing their technology at a global level? That is what really matters. If we can do that, then we will all be relevant for many years to come.

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